Practical Direct Unsteady Simulations of Turbomachines with GPUs-腾讯欢乐炸金花
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Practical Direct Unsteady Simulations of Turbomachines with GPUs
發布時間:2018年09月04日 15:41 作者: 點擊量:

報告時間:2018.9.11 (周二) 10:00-11:30




Taking advantage of highly parallel processors such as Graphics Processing Units is the key to unlocking high performance in modern CFD solvers. In this talk, this opportunity is explored in the context of Turbostream, a highly scalable hybrid structured/unstructured CFD solver for flows in turbomachines.


Using GPUs, high-fidelity methods such as unsteady full-annulus simulations can now be used as part of the routine turbomachinery design process for the first time. Several examples of such simulations which have been previously published are presented, including:


- Stall inception in axial fans (風扇失速非定常模擬)

- Integrated aircraft and propulsor simulations (飛發一體化仿真)

- Unsteady simulations of cooled turbines (渦輪冷卻非定常模擬)

Speaker bio:


Tobias is a Director of Turbostream Ltd. He obtained his MEng degree in 2007 and his PhD in 2012, both from the University of Cambridge. From 2012-2014 he was a Research Fellow at the Whittle Laboratory, where his research focused on how to best use emerging multi-core architectures for scientific computing. His work at Turbostream Ltd is focused on the practical application of the computational power of multi-core processors to real design settings.

Turbostream 主要開發員和公司主管。20072012劍橋大學碩士,博士,2012-2014劍橋博士後。主要研究領域為高效GPU並行計算及其在葉輪機模擬上的應用。